Continuous Usage Program

Not yet a user of Lucky 4A Feeds or Healthyway Feeds? Then we encourage you to try our CUP coupon. This is a special feed discount which you can avail from our Sales Agents for you to give our feeds a try.

You can get outright discounts from Booster up to Finisher rations amounting to PHP 455.00!

Try this now!

Once you availed all the coupons, you will receive a special T-shirt plus a chance to win exciting prizes on our Annual Raffle Draw.

For more details, please feel free to ask our Sales Desk at (043) 404.0441.

Maximize your CUPacity to earn!

What can you get?

    • Chance to experience standard quality feeds.
    • Earn more from better feed investment.
    • An opportunity to win exciting prizes on annual draws.
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