Who We Are

We are pleased to introduce you CLARC Feedmill, Inc., specializing in the nutrition solution and production of high quality feeds in swine and poultry through our banner products – Lucky 4A Feeds and Healthyway Feeds.

All of our feeds are being backed up by different Nutrition Technologies such as Poultry Nutrition, Breeder Nutrition and Innovation Technologies, with a special consideration on Piglet Nutrition. These Innovation Technologies are spearheaded by our Technical Team who is a group of professionals responsible for product evaluation and deliberation. Having a solid synergy with the Quality Control Team, our Technical Team conducts a thorough screening/assessment for every product being presented and used. With accurate Nutrition Technologies, these are strictly integrated to our Production Technology through our automated mixing system with a high precision process resulting to optimal quality finished feeds. Prior to the acquisition of our products from Lucky 4A Corporation, they have already been used for decades in the livestock industry and are now being upgraded to adhere with the latest trends and developments in swine and poultry raising.

Since their creation in 1988 and 2007, Lucky 4A Feeds and Healthyway Feeds have acquired a rich experience around the feed milling industry, making them one of the most reliable nutrition solutions in terms of quality and performance.

To carry on our legacy, we venture on our Sales, Marketing & Technical Team who offers its expertise to a wide variety of customers, from the dealers to the end-users and is trained to cater the requirements of our customers through holistic business and marketing approaches.

The family company is now headed by the 2nd Generation who benefits from the experience of the past but looks forward to the future, continuously investing in new machinery dedicated to increasing the productivity and to meeting the ever growing demands of the swine and poultry market.


30 years ago, the Racelis Family established a feed mill to produce quality pig and poultry feeds for farms across Batangas. Today, they continue their legacy as one of the leading local manufacturers of gold-standard feeds in the feed milling industry.

Lucky 4A Corporation, the company that started it all, had its humble beginning on September 1988 under the vision of Mr. Carlito D. Racelis to provide consistent quality feeds to the market. Its banner products, piglet and poultry feeds, became household names due to their solid performances. At present, its legacy is being carried on by its General Manager, Mr. Allan C. Racelis.

While catering to one of the biggest industries in the country, the Racelis Family is solidifying its contribution to the feed milling industry by venturing into gamefowl feeds. And so, on September 2008, CLDS Enterprises was born to cater industries such as gamefowl, livestock and small animals with wider choices of products and services. It was registered under the name CLDS Corporation in 2015 and is now under the mandate of its General Manager, Camilo M. Batitis, Jr., DVM.

The Racelis Family’s longevity in the industry comes not with outdated systems & practices but with a modern, cutting-edge technology and approach embodied by CLARC Feedmill, Inc. Established on May 11, 2015, it continues to carry and improve the legacy that are Lucky 4A Feeds and Healthyway Feeds under the vision of its General Manager, Mr. Anthony C. Racelis.

Mission Statement

Dedicated in providing excellent animal nutrition solution of the highest quality, with the pledge of giving satisfaction, opportunity, and profit to each and every stakeholder of the industry.

Vision Statement

To be the leader in feed milling industry, promoting sustainable livelihood to the stakeholders of the company through innovative products while creating a better business environment that motivates employees with integrity and pride.

Core Values Statement

COMMITMENT:  The company puts a high value on commitment in its daily operation towards achieving the company’s vision.  We take pride in our commitment to quality, thus, we are embracing the challenges this entail to deliver excellent animal nutrition solution to the stakeholders of the industry.  The company is also committed to continually help employees grow in their respective fields of discipline.

LOYALTY:  The company products’ existence in the market spanning three decades, owes part of its success to its loyal customers who continuously support brands.  This has been the company’s driving force to innovate and to take good care of the customers and to value employees who have been through the journey in achieving its goals.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  The company takes full responsibility of all its actions.  Having accountability as one of its core values, the company seeks counsel from consultants who are maven in the field to ensure that we can deliver and live up to the company’s mission.  It also strives to be self-regulating to ensure compliance not just because of mandates set by the government, but due to the company’s moral belief in choosing what is right under minimal supervision.  It will provide a harmonious relationship among the stakeholders of the industry.

RESPECT:  The company believes that respect plays an important role in achieving its goals.  The company listens to the customer’s feedback and values their opinion to address the unique needs of each customer.  Employee’s expertise is also valued and everyone is treated with courtesy, honor, and dignity.

COMPETENCE:  In the company’s vision to be the leader in feedmilling industry, we persistently strive to be excellent in our field, keeping in mind the drive to remain on top of the game and to ensure the company’s sustainability and success.


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